Parabox and RRL Highlight Sea Otter Classic

TRP In The Press - Sea Otter Edition

Published on 4/29/2011

 A cross section of comments and review from April's Sea Otter Classic...

TRP's Marketing Director Lance Larrabee explains the Parabox and RRL - timely video introduction of the newest of the new..

Bike Rumor speaking on the RRL Lever and the Parabox: TRP Brakes does it again. Man those new levers are sexy! Bonus: Two "modes" allows for you to kick out the pads a hair in mud or in case of bent wheel. Awesome. New mini-v's as well that work better with SRAM levers. And of course, their Disc brake solution Can't wait to try it all!

Road Bike Action's quick review of the RRL: "Talk about cool retro parts, how about these sweet drilled-out and polished brake RR SR levers from TRP Brakes. The sultry 140 gram levers feature gum hoods and a snazzy push button brake release. All yours for $110 a pair."

Andrew Yee at CX Magazine has a nice preview of the Parabox Disc System for 'Cross: "Well, the gearheads at Cyclocross Magazine couldn’t wait until Thursday to start geeking out with the new cyclocross gear, and thus we camped out and seized an exclusive early opportunity to preview and ride TRP’s new Parabox hydraulic disc brake system. The Parabox is designed to allow your favorite cable-pull road brake lever/shift lever to actuate a hydraulic disc brake system"

Stevil Kneivel pens a short piece that is both a quick-look at some cool products (including ours) and an important insight into the value of the bike in our lives.

VeloNews kicked down a nice pictorial of the Parabox: "The UCI has recently given its blessings to the use of disc brakes in cyclocross competition. One problem, however, is that road-style brake/shift levers don’t offer hydraulic systems, so the current crop of ’cross discs rely solely on wires, which don’t offer the full benefits of hydraulics. The folks at TRP have taken a step to address that shortfall by connecting the brake cables to a satellite master cylinder under the stem.

Road Bike Review offered their insight as well...

Bike Radar's Matt Pachocha knows plenty about 'cross and offered his first impressions: " TRP is one fo the biggest players hen it comes to manufacturing rim brakes for cyclocross. The manufacturere currently offers wide and narrow profile cantilever brakes, as well aas a linear pull model, but the big news for 2012 is the addition of a 'cross specific hydraulic disc brakes, available this July, called the Parabox."


More to come.....